Why Submit A Blogger Template?

Submitting your Blogger pre-made templates allows many benefits at Blogr Templates. Below are some of the benefits provided for Blogger template/theme designers/developers.
  • It's totally FREE & FAIR for both blogger template/theme designers/authors to list their pre-made template designs.
  • Quick reviews & almost instant Blogger template/theme approval for listing.
  • Helps independent Blogger template/theme designers to display their designs.
  • Linked directly to your Blogger template demo page(s).
  • Linked directly to your instruction/installation page (if applicable).
  • Linked directly to your downloaded URL.
  • Author/designer profile links included (if applicable)
  • NO upload of your Blogger template files or images.
  • Easy submission with updated notifications.
  • Helps market/share your templates to Blogr Template's 10k+ existing Blogger community & followers.
  • Introduce your submitted blogger template to more than 15k page views/day!
  • Easy share with major social media platforms at template page.
  • Gallery styled displays with direct links to template profile page with preview links.
  • Quick, easy & minimalist styled display of templates - Focus on template design/designers.
  • The only Blogger template gallery focuses on the template designers/authors (Meta title & template description ready)
  • Blogr Templates is search engine ready with automated search results & optimised. 
  • Blogr Templates displays your template images accordingly in many screen sizes (responsive).
  • Agreement and Legal ready to safeguard your submitted template.
  • Family oriented approved template listing verified & checked.
  • Share your templates with reputable and awesome Blogger template designers from around the world. 
Feel like submitting you awesome Blogger template? Why Not? Submit here easily with Blogr Template.

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