About This Template Gallery

Blogr Template is a gallery of fine awesome blogger templates sourced from professional to up soming Blogger theme designers around the world. We collect & receive submitted templates, which has been submitted by template designers or from our never ending collection of Blogger Template resources.

By gathering information, resources, reviews & downloads, it is hoped that users/visitors can make full use of some of the amazing pre-made Blogger templates for their own use. We assure you that templates listed here have some decent support needed from the respective template author's/designers or you can just contact us for more info.

We make sure that all Template listing has the enough standards for users to easily install, customize or adapt to. We try our best to update as much as we can periodaclly, in making sure the listed Templates are made available or accessed to, with the relevant links for downloads and installations guides.

About the Managers

Blogr Templates is managed by Irsah inDesigns, a registered organization with the Company Commission of Malaysia. Our team comprises of young and promising professional web designs and developers. Basically our works ranges from web designs, e-commerce websites, e-commerce blogs, blog marketing, content marketing and the never ending list for on-line services.

We have helped and supported local organizations and businesses, bloggers, entrepreneurs and even non-profit organizations, in adapting with the current trends of on-line marketing and business today. We've received tremendous positive feedback, by users and followers and we hope to continue to produce more on-line references to share.

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