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Link building is one of the many methods in letting getting your website or blog good placement in search engine results (SERP's). Quality and healthy links to site, including good original and related contents, is part of the many efforts webmaster's do to increase your website/blog rank in searched pages.

This programme is part of our effort in providing more initiatives for webmasters and web/blog owners, by creating supportive links and backlinks through template downloads. It is called template sponsorship, which a template designer provides a dedicated area in their Free downloaded Blogger templates for you to build sponsored links.

The more users download and activate a Blogger Template, the more links or backlinks you'll get. It's just that plain simple.

Why Sponsor Blogr Templates

  • Quickly build links via template downloads.
  • Enhance your website/blog search results presence.
  • Get free never ending backlinks to your site/blog from template downloads.
  • A good promotion tool in building links via template downloads.
  • Easily market your website via activated templates.
  • Template produced has licensed and directly from the designer/author.
  • Sponsored links for a template is fixed and non-removable.
  • Up to 4 links to sponsor, provided for a template.
  • Professorially built templates with good support and great community.
  • Our Blogger Template is also submitted to various Blogger Template gallery/directory, and via social media for free, which helps to increase more downloads and increase link builds..
  • Templates listed in directories is also featured/sent to subscribers, continuous exposure for downloads hence increase link build up. 

How to Sponsor

  • You can contact us to build a custom Blogger Template for your sponsorship programme or
  • You can pick our published templates (downloaded ready and upon availability) and sponsor a link from that template itself.

What are the Charges

  • Sponsor 1 (one) link on a Blogger Template is charged at USD15 or;
  • You can sponsor 4 (four) links (max) on a Blogger Template for USD50
All confirmed link sponsorship are immediately placed in selected theme.

The charges above are for our published Blogger Templates. For custom designed templates, feel free to contact us here for details and your customization needs.

How Can I Monitor My Links

Of course, for every links sponsored, we will notify you and provide you with the downloaded file locations. You can preview your link(s) availability at any time you wish for a template.

To check on your link building campaign, we suggest you provide an encrypted link, for example the URL shortener by Goo.gl which you can easily monitor your link building campaign. It's free and easily access your link(s) via downloaded Blogger templates

You can also use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, which provides all the necessary statistics for your website health in search engines.

For our part as template author and designer, we will monitor all the downloaded templates and making sure users abide the license notifications/aggreement applied for the respective template. It also includes the use of the template itself.

It is very important to regularly check users template use in making sure all link build up (backlinks) is as healthy as possible.

Want to start your link building campaign via Blogger Template sponsorship? Contact us Here.