Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting my template here is free?
Yes. Submitting your template here at Blogr Templates is free. We do not collect any fees or even authorize any third party to collect fees for submitting a template for listing.

How long could I see my template be published?
Almost instant! Once all fields are filled properly, your template listing will be published immediately. After our review, then the template page watermark will be removed.

How long will my template be listed here?
As long as it is made available with Blogger.

Why my template listing is rejected?
Well most likely it does not follow the required guidelines at Blogr Templates. Basically a successful submitted template for listing has all the required fields selected. This includes the selected fields for labeling/categorizing purposes. Broken or mised typed url's could also cause a template be rejected/removed. Make sure you have proof read your submission particulars before sending for template listing.

All the fields are filled & after submission I still can not see my published listing?
Most likely due to congestions at Blogger servers, it may take sometime to see your listing published at Blogr Templates. Please be patient. In normal cases, it takes less than 30 seconds before you see your template been published, If not, refresh your page & see the changes at the template gallery pages.

Can I modify my current template listing?
Yes you can and use the contact form provided here at Blogr Templates.

What do I do to modify my current template listing?
You can inform us via our contact page here only. Other mode of communication either the contact form will not be entertained. please select the proper inquiry for your submission.