Confit Blogger Template by Automattic

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Template Author/Designer: Automattic
Template Name: Top Games Blogger Template
Description: Awesome background image for this two column free blogger template. Making your blogging much more interactive with your web visitors.

Responsive, displays well in tablets to iphone without any issues. Using blogger classic style layouts, mobile user ability gives that extra edge.

Download the .xml file and upload via your blogger dashboard & this templates installs almost instantly,

Blogger template suitable for personal blogs.
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License: Creative Commons
Theme Details / Features: Responsive
2 Column Layout
Left Menu Bar
Default blogger widgets ready
Browser Compatibility
Responsive background image.
Confit Blogger Template by Automattic 9 out of 10 based on 22 ratings. Confit Blogger Template by Automattic new addition Blogger templates live preview downloads ready at Blogr Templates


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